Monday, September 9, 2013

Red Lobster Waitress Receives Racial Slur on Receipt, Gets Fired After Note Goes Viral

Red Lobster Waitress Receives Racial Slur on Receipt, Gets Fired After Note Goes Viral

Toni Christina Jenkins, a young Red Lobster waitress was the target of a racial slur left by a customer on a receipt, which she reported to management.

In the space for gratuity, the customer wrote “None, n**ger."

Incredibly, Jenkins was reportedly fired as a result. Why?

Christina showed the note to her boss, she says, and was assured she had done nothing wrong. But things changed when she posted it on Facebook.

The Franklin, Tenn.,, teen was only hoping for “some prayers and support,” her mom says, when she posted the hateful note on her Facebook page.

It went viral and sparked a great deal of outrage controversy, discussion, obligatory hoax theories and more racist comments. The chain wanted no part of it.

By Monday, mom Tina Jenkins-Wilson says Red Lobster “let her go. They told her she could not return to work and that they were going to be investigating."

"They didn’t tell her they were going to pay her. They didn’t say if they were going to punish the people that did it. They just said they were going to let her off.”

“It’s heartbreaking. She’s a nursing student who is trying to save up money so she can get back and forth to school. Waitressing is how she makes her money.”

Toni graduated from high school a year early, her mom says, and is waiting tables to help put herself through medical school at Belmont University.

“It’s so hurtful as a parent to see this happening,” she continues.

"She’s trying to make an honest living and live a good life. The past few days have been overwhelming for her, because she was not expecting this negativity.”

Luckily, Tina says, another local restaurant, Bonefish Grill in Cool Springs, Tenn., has already reached out to offer Toni another job at their restaurant.

“Bonefish Grill has stepped in and asked her to come over there,” Tina confirmed to Radar. “There’s definitely going to be a happy ending to all of this.”

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